The Walk with the Cross

Daily thoughts and notes from Rev. Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux highlighting his experience along this 495 mile journey walking with "The Cross" from Desert Hot Springs, CA to Sacramento, CA.

  1. It's the day of the rally the day we have been waiting for for over a year planning .This morning I woke up and began to pray humbled by the assignment that God had given me. I can describe the feelings that I was experiencing with one word, overwhelmed. So I began to pray God gave me a piece and I knew that I would have the strength to proceed. Over the past few weeks, I have questioned my physical ability and if I was ready but I know through the word that whom God calls he has already prepared. So it's off to the church to prepare to begin the one month journey walking with the cross to Sacramento California. Upon reaching the church I was greeted by members of my congregation who hugged me and cried and shared kind supportive words to encourage me along my one-month journey with the cross. From there it was off down the streets of Desert Hot Springs carrying the cross towards Palm Springs. The young man from the military came out to walk with us and it was an exciting moment as he shared his experience of what the cross meant to him and I realize that as I listened this is why we need to take the cross to the streets here with the last lost and the least have to say about it. He felt to some extent that our great government and let him in many other disabled veterans down however he realize it under the cross of Calvary there was hope. I was encouraged as I listened to his story and his journey through life and I understood why we were called to carry this cross down the street it was to listen to people like him it was to inspire people like him it was to instill in a hopeless hope faith is faith in those who have lost their belief to let them know that they can still believe under the cross of Calvary. I am excited and ready for day two of the walk
    Day 1 - September 1st
  2. About three hours in my walk with the cross in Beaumont I stopped and heard a gentleman complementing the craftsmanship of the cross. He then invited me up to the car dealership to pray for the people in the dealership. God is clearly paving the way providing the opportunity to share the love of Christ, minister to the hopeless, faithless, and those that needed to be encouraged. After spending about 30 minutes there and praying with the gentleman I was off again. The people that I've met along the way the car horns that I heard honking as the cross past to let me know that they were in full support of the cross being carried even those who stopped to take pictures to smile to show me up some kind of way that they approved this cross passing through the city let me know once again that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing carrying a wooden cross to Sacramento each day I wake up and I ask God to give me strength just enough strength to make it through this day Lord
    Day 2 - September 2nd
  3. Up at 6:00am to spend time with the Lord. My heart is grateful that God has given me the strength to endure another day's journey. Yesterday was physically brutal but I made it to the end. Along the way meeting people who wanted to talk about the cross and pray. I am grateful for all those along the way that have encouraged me with their smiles of approval and the horn honking to say "I believe". What an awesome experience! On the freeway to Riverside to meet with a group that will be joining me for the walk. To God be the Glory.
    Day 3 - September 3rd
  4. Arrived in LA this evening. Dr. Rudy and I began organizing ourselves for our week's adventure. All throughout last night, I listened to the sound of helicopters hovering over the community where I stayed. I even heard gunshots in the far distance. As these sounds lulled me to sleep, I realized beyond a doubt that I was purposed by God before I was in my mother's womb to carry this cross to Sacramento. My curiosity for tomorrow kept getting the best of me causing my mind to wander. I must rest.
    Day 4 - September 4th
  5. As I prepare to walk through the heart of some very challenged communities in the Los Angeles area, I find myself wrestling in that age old battle between the flesh and the spirit. The flesh tells me I will be rejected and the spirit tells me God has already paved the path of the cross and "obedience is better than sacrifice". Today, I have decided to put trepidation and apprehension under my feet. Today, I willfully take authority over every negative thought that enters my mind. At one of our last prayer rallies the question was asked, after prayer "what will you do to bring change to your community" my wife stood up and shared, "we must love like God. We must have the compassion of God and we must be willing to see others as God does."
    Day 5 - September 5th
  6. Two prayer rallies were held for Igniting the Fire Movement held at Willow Street Church of God in Long Beach. The speaker in that prayer rally was Dr. Bette Stampley from DHS California. She spoke on " The soul of mankind." She started in the book of Genesis and concluded in the book of Matthew. Dr. Stampley's sermon focused on the importance of the soul. Every person in the room was challenged to consider the importance of the souls of the last,lost and the least in America. The first speaker in morning prayer rally was Dr. Bette Stampley from DHS California. She spoke on " The soul of mankind." . Dr. Stampley's sermon focused on the importance of the soul. Every person in the room was challenged to consider the importance of the souls of the last,lost and the least in America. Our evening speaker was none other than Patricia McMicheaux, my wife, who shared from a perspective of walking the streets of Los Angeles with her husband loving on the broken hearted and downtrodden. This was by far one of the most powerful messages I have heard, there was not a dry eye in the room. I pray that God transforms all our hearts to care a little more, to love a little deeper and to replace our judgement with compassion. What a powerful day.
    Day 7 - September 7th
  7. I have gained so much respect for those who push their bodies to limits beyond anything we can imagine to be the best athlete in their field. I wish I could say that because this is a spiritual journey, my wife and I have no physical pain, but I would not be telling the truth. The 10 to occasionally 20 miles a day is truly telling off on our mature bodies, but stopping is not an option. I am blessed to have my wife with me on this journey because on those days that my body tells me no my wife is there to help me regain my focus. Yesterday our trip ended on Wilshire Blvd and according to our route schedule, we were scheduled to proceed into Hollywood. However, after Patricia and I prayed and knew we were not supposed to go into Hollywood until directed by the Spirit. This journey is about teaching the two of us how to trust one another on a deeper level and how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. One day we rerouted to walk through a residential area and I was so convicted by getting off the path that God intended, I could nearly breathe. From that point, I knew that the cross must remain visible at all times during the walk. Thank you Lord for guiding us through some of the roughest communities in South Central Los Angeles. One preacher who stopped to talk to us shared about a shooting and stabbing right in front of his church. A couple of days later someone else shared about fatalities due to drive by shootings.
    Day 15 - September 15th
  8. Sometimes taking authority over the enemy is as simple as not allowing him to distract you from the path God has placed you on. I spent time on the streets of San Pedro before meeting up with group coordinated by Clara Tucker, who graciously coordinated the San Pedro prayer rally. The time on the streets of San Pedro was exhilarating. I was engaged from the moment I started to the time the cross was handed over. People got out of their cars to inquire about the purpose; we spent time praying with the least, the lost and the last; and we encouraged and challenged people to believe. God truly blessed our time in San Pedro, but our day was not over. We still had a prayer rally to attend.
    Day 10 - September 10th
  9. As we began our journey through Skid Row the first thing that stood out was the overwhelming need to walk for the least, last and the lost. No one should be subjected to permanently living on the streets. As I walk from street to street with the cross, I became ashamed as a believer to allow my lips to form the words "I have nothing to pray for" I realized as long as homelessness exist in America, as long as mass incarceration exist in America, as long as mental health is not addressed to its fullest and as long as living wages hold people captive to jobs that do not provide healthcare and a way for people to take care of their families, I need to to pray unceasingly. Lord, I ask you to forgive my complacency that caused me to look over the least, lost and last in America. I understand why God asked my wife and me to challenge people of faith, hope and belief to pray for our nation, cities and communities. Could it be one of the reasons why these conditions exist is because believers have stopped praying?
    Day 11 - September 11th
  10. This morning we made our way to Imperial Highway and Figueroa, in the heart of the city. We met so many inspiring people along the way. People were literally stopping us and engaging us in conversation. One woman, Ms Flo, pulled her car off the road, got out and wanted to know about our mission. Probably one of the most memorable moments was when encountered a young woman who stopped us with tears in her eyes asking for prayer. Her silence and tears spoke volumes as we began to pray we could literally see her burdens lift as her smile returned to brighten her face. A pastor, of a local church on our path, stopped and said, I just have to ask, "where are you taking this cross?" As we described the mission and purpose of the Movement, he went on to tell us that he's been in this community for more that 30 years and he's never seen anything like what we were doing and committed to pray for the mission of the movement. Pastor Tahlib challenged every person that stopped us to pray for the next 18 days until the cross reaches Sacramento. Every person that stopped us was invited to lead us in prayer and they graciously did What a blessing! One gentleman prayed, "more than our love for you God, help us to recognize our need for you.
    Day 12 - September 12th
  11. I begin the walk to Greater Bethel on 48th and Gramercy. I encountered a hill on an intense incline that challenged every muscle in my body. For the first time during my journey, with the cross, it seemed as though every hill became a mountain, every crack in the sidewalk became canyons and every step became laboriously intense. For some reason that day tried me physically, mentally and spiritually but praise be to God, I kept pressing forward in spite of the arduous challenges I faced. While pulling the cross up a hill I could feel my knee going out now with sharp pains piercing my leg I began to thank God for the pain as I thank God for the journey. I know that my knee was nothing compared to what Jesus endured on the cross for the lease, the lost and the last for the saved and the unsaved. As I began to thank God for the pain and focus on the mission, I stopped thinking about me. Now walking through west LA heading toward my destination, I could hear horns blowing and people coming up asking about the purpose. All opportunities to share a love that was unfamiliar to most. As I stopped to talk with a gentleman who was the director of an Charter school, he brought to my attention that I had another flat. .
    Day 13 - September 13th
  12. We're at Crenshaw and Century making our way down the path that leads to LAX. After unloading the cross we encountered Charles and Faye who shared their gratitude for how God has been protecting them while on the streets. What beautiful souls they are and very inspired by the Word, which they were very familiar. They led us in prayer as made our start for the day. A lot of horn blowing and waving down Century and then we met a young lady that shared how grateful she was to see us and excitedly prayed for us and took cards to share the message. Once we arrived at LAX, we headed up Sepulveda through the city of Westchester. After being there a while, we loaded the cross and made our way to West LA, Venice Blvd/Sepulveda. We started East bound on Venice Blvd to the Culver City. We met a few more people that prayed with us and we're encouraged by the sight of the cross. We met a woman who told us that she was a born again Jew that had recently been baptized. She could not wait to share this information with her pastor. Just before making it to load the cross, we met Georgina who is scheduled to have surgery to remove a metal rod in her leg that's cause infection. We prayed with her and she was absolutely convinced that God would heal her. We anointed her and encourage her in the word. We asked her to contact us when she receives her healing.
    Day 16 - September 16th
  13. My prayer for Patricia and I, is "Lord give us a clear focus on​ today's journey and a heart to witness with compassion to the last, lost and the least on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Last weekend was the first time since we left home that we had a full weekend to rest. I have not seen the cross for two days and I feel like someone going to rekindle with their best friend. I have spent the last eighteen days with the cross on my shoulder. We have almost been inseparable, isn't that a novel thought that the cross and I are inseparable. From Watt to West LA was like night and day not just because of the socioeconomic differences but also because of the difference in the reverence for the cross. Many of the people treated me and the cross like they only wanted the cross and me to go away. People passed the cross with blinders on. We too put these blinders on our eyes when we deal with the least the lost and the last. While walking through Watts, I never felt physically threatened but in Santa Monica, I had a couple of incidents that startled me. While walking nearing Wilshire Blvd, I saw a man sitting with his back to a building causing him to look in my direction. About a half a block away from the man with him in focus, I could see him getting up now looking and running towards me and the cross. At this point, I don't know what's going on. This man did not stop until he was about a couple of feet away from the cross and then he got down on his knees prostrating his body before the cross. I was in awe at the reverence this young man had for the cross.
    Day 19 - September 19th
  14. When I opened my eyes this morning, I began to pray "Lord help me to love those who curse me with their whispers and crucify me with their eye. Help me to love them in spite of how they look at me and how I'm treated. We are now passing temples, masses and centers of other faiths as we prepare to enter Hollywood. The sad thing is when people see the cross they form an opinion of my wife and me. Each morning, our team circles the cross praying that we can be used as God's instruments of love to a world torn and divided. Each city we have entered has taught us something about the least, the lost and the last in America. As great as America is we have not entered a city that did not have poverty and mental health issues. The sad commentary is we have become so used to seeing it that we are desensitized to the less fortunate around us. We are desensitized even in our holy prayers thinking solely of ourselves. Maybe this journey is idealistic or a call to radicalism. I must conclude that Jesus was idealistic and was a radical for change and love. If this is the case, I pray that I never settle again for mediocrity and complacency. I pray for a Holy restoring among the people of God uniting and becoming a voice to be reckoned with in America. We still have a few more days before we reach Sacramento and your prayers have carried, shielded and motivated my wife and me to complete the assignment placed in our hearts. I thank each and every one of you that have prayed for us each day of our journey. I solicit your continued prayers until our final rally in front of our state capitol on October 1st 2016 on the west lawn.
    Day 20 - September 20th
  15. The first thing I noticed while starting today's walk was a person sleeping on the sidewalk completely covered and lying next to him/her was a very large rat trap to protect them through the night from the rodents that roam the streets during the late night hours. My heart just about sank to my feet as I fought back tears whispering to myself, no one should be forced to live like this. I have not been able to get that picture out of my mind. As we continued down the street, where we we're in a community with a high presence of Orthodox Jews, most would not even glance at the cross. A simple good morning was not easily spoken and mind you, we've just started the day's journey. As we make our way down LaBrea to Melrose and continue westbound on Melrose, not much conversation from the onlookers. The beauty in this day is, we marched on with the Cross. On another note, we want to give a strong shout out to our unsung hero of the journey, Dr. Rudy Alegria. Doc, as we affectionately refer to him, is an angel in disguise. He spends countless hours attending our needs. He loads and unloads the cross everyday. He has such a humble spirit and never misses a beat. Before we can think about it, it's already been done. He's up early every morning driving from across town to meet us for the day's journey and is always optimistic about the promise that each day brings. He's not one who needs recognition. Most everything he does, he does with a smile. We start and end each day with prayer and some days, he leads us in those prayers. He is the epitome of "a servant's heart." We've branded ourselves as THE THREE AMIGOS. We are having such an awesome time together learning one another, laughing together, sharing stories about what we've experienced during this time. When Pastor Tahlib recently visited Skid Row, it was Doc who invited him. He's been involved in and supporting a ministry on the streets for years, but you'd never know because he doesn't talk about it, he just does the work, That's Doc.
    Day 21 - September 21