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Igniting the Fire Global Mission Outreach

Consists of speaking engagements, a book, and educational seminars covering the changing faces of evangelism. 


  The success of our 2016 walk to our State Capitol could not have happened without your support and prayers. The journey was a once in a lifetime journey. For us, the ministry will never be the same and our lives will forever be changed by the memories, which have left indelible impressions permanently etched in our subconscious.

The Lord has blessed us with rich and profound words from the hearts of the people we encountered. We have prepared the following presentation and workshop to serve you.

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1-Day Workshop​​

2-Day Workshop​​

Sunday Service

Topics Discussed:
        -Where are the                       believers?
        -Too busy ministering           to minister
        -Has the cross lost it's             historical value?
  • Available on Sunday
  • Topics Discussed:
          -Unconditional love                 vs. Dogmatic                           Tradition
          -Short term impact of             Evangelism
           -Relationship and                   Mentorship
  • Available on Saturday
The Changining Faces of Evangelism includes:
  • Saturday session and Sunday Service 
The Mission
The mission of Igniting the Fire Movement is to bring the Ecclesia (the Body of Christ) together under the Cross of Calvary with the hope of raising awareness of God’s eternal love for the least, the last and the lost.  
What Inspired the Vision
God gave Pastor Tahlib a vision in which he preached to his congregants, entitled “Ecclesia”.  Ecclesia is defined as an assembly, congregation or church.  The purpose of the message was to tell them they are a part of something great and powerful. 
As he preached that message, he began to realize how most churches focus only on local issues, specifically those that impact their local church.  When we as an assembly understand that we are connected to millions of people across this nation and around the world, then we will better understand we are a power source.

In response to God's call to re-engage with our local and national government, we unite as believers to transcend denominationalism and doctrine that have become counterproductive to the spiritual, physical, and socio-economic growth of the Christian Community.


Over 360+ miles walked
from September 1st - October 1st, 2016
"The Cross" visited the following cities:

Desert Hot Springs                              Banning                            Beaumont                   Riverside                                               Perris                                 Cerritos
Norwalk                                                 Bellflower                        Paramount                 Compton                                                Long Beach                      Carson
Wilmington                                          Harbor City                      South Los Angeles   Hawthorne                                           Lennox                              Lawndale
Redondo Beach                                    Westchester                     West Los Angeles Culver City                                            Venice                                Lakewood
San Pedro                                              Santa Monica                   Watts                         Beverly Hills                                         Hollywood                        Glendale
Echo Park                                              Silver Lake                        Los Feliz                   Bakersfield                                            West Sacramento            Sacramento
Thank You 

The greatest strength of the Igniting the Fire Movement lies in
every person who prayed, engaged, followed us on facebook,  met on the streets and gave the movement life. 

 Rudolpho Alegria, Contributor/Transportation​​
 David and Betty Harrington, Pastoral Support & Prayer
 Crystal Johnson, Marketing and Outreach
 Patricia McMicheaux, Administrator 
 Naheemah McMicheaux-McCallop, Marketing 
 Ronayne Shaw, Marketing 
 Bettye Stampley, Prayer 
 Canary Stephens, Prayer 
 Calvin Taylor, Cross Designer and Builder
 Clara Tucker, Outreach/Prayer Rally Host 
 Elder Lawrence Waller, Prayer and Pastoral Support

 Pastor Kenny Baker, Pastoral Support
 Pastor Rodney Corley, Pastoral Support
 Pastor Lloyd Harrison, Jr., Pastoral Support/Prayer Rally Host
 Pastor Vera, Public Relations

Special "thank you" to the following contributors who graciously
opened their homes to us to provide assistance with lodging
and accommodations: 

Lynne Turner             Willie Moses                  Eva Alegria
Oleria De Bose            Phyllis Bradford

First Community Baptist Church, Desert Hot Springs, CA ​​​
Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux, Senior Pastor

Nursing Home Ministries, Inc.
David Harrington, Chaplain & Betty Harrington, District Chaplain
Willow Street Church of God, Long Beach, CA
Pastor Lloyd Harrison, Jr., Senior Pastor 

Temple Heights Southern Baptist Church, San Pedro, CA
F Delano Haynes, Senior Pastor
Greater Bethel Cathedral Church,  Los Angeles, CA
Bishop Aaron Martin, II, Senior Pastor  
Streams in the Desert Praise Chapel, Desert Hot Springs, CA Randy Adams, Pastor

Victory in Christ Ministries,  Inglewood, CA 
Dr. Calvin Parks, Senior Pastor

New Bethel Church of God and Christ, Palm Sprinsgs, CA Dr. Schezarone Carter, Senior Pastor


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  3. Walk with the Cross
    Bold Christians united and put our faith into action! We journeyed through over 40 cities and communities bringing awareness, hope and a message of love.
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