​by Clara Tucker

I was lost, but now I’m saved
I was blind but now I see
I was deaf but now I hear
I was sick but now I’m healed
I was poor but now I’m rich
I lack knowledge but now I’m wise
I was powerless but now I’m powerful
I was afraid but now I have no fear
I was dead but now I live
I was bound for hell but now I’m destined for heaven

I realized the Cross offers you all this and much more
Jesus Christ died on the Cross for all man kind
To be redeemed, restored and renewed from the institutions of the world; and to be made whole in the image of his creator, GOD.
I was the last, the least and the lost, but now I’m covered by the cross, redeemed from it all.

The world can not save you but the CROSS can.
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difference for the good of all man kind.
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