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  In sharing the testimony of how God has given me a vision for mission, there are three main points and several scriptures that have changed my life forever.  These points and scriptures are listed below: 
  • Daring to dream
  • Discovering your passion
  • Walking by faith   
  Daring   to Dream
 As a pastor I have heard the Voice of God speaking to me many times, but I was too busy tending to the sheep to listen.  In the "all too interesting" paradox of life, it seems that I, the one who should have been talking to God the most, found myself in a place where I had put God on hold.  I wrestled with my calling to reach Nations for Christ for many years and I am so glad that God was patient while I allowed my alter ego "Jonah" to control my life until I finally answered the call.  
 Discovering your passion
 Judges 14:6-9 
  I heard a great man of God speak on these verses, and he summed them up like this:  "Out of the struggle comes something sweet."
 I loved pastoring and sharing the word of God every Sunday mornng.  I genuinely loved loving on the people of God in my congregations that I pastored but deep down on the inside I knew God was calling me to do something different.  There is an old saying ""complacency breeds contempt."  I had become so comfortable that I did not want to adhere to the will of God in my life.

This is when I learned that God will send a storm in our lives not to harm us but enlighten us.  How do you know when it's time to make a change? "when God gives you a peace that surpasses all understanding."  After many years of being comfortable doing what I loved, I decieded to become uncomfortable operating in my calling and the will of God for my life.   When we are operating in faith turning our control over to God we are often very uncomfortable.  
Learning How to Walk by Faith
It has become increasingly clear that if I am to proceed with creating an international ministry , it will only happen by me walkng by faith and not by sight.  Every day I am reminded that accepting this call to reach nations for God, teaching, empowering, and saving souls is summed up in this bible verse in Zechariah 4:6: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of host.  
 It took me 11 years to finally listen to the call of God's will for my life.  I know that there are many other people in the world, much like me, afraid to be uncomfortable for God.  Here is what I would say to you in closing, if God calls you do not place Him on hold. 

Rev. Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux 
Founder and director of,
Igniting the Fire Global Mission Outreach